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AwakeVC was born from the mind of successful engineers-turned-entrepreneurs. We know building startups is hard. We understand founders, particularly technical founders and technical teams. We’ve been there, and have the successes (and the scars!) to show for it.

We’re building new things at AwakeVC, and are looking to acquire early-stage startups.

If you and your team are at the end of line (it happens to the best of us!), perhaps you’ve tried everything, and perhaps a second lease of life with Awake may be a good fit! See if we have a home for your team, and perhaps for your investors!

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AwakeVC is a new type of private-equity holding company, powered by an interconnected suite of cloud platforms, providing capabilities that range from media and e-commerce tech, to analytics and AI, to fintech, and from business development to strategy and partnerships to sales and marketing, we’re running a new type of platform.

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